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  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Remodeling
  • Home Repair
  • Door and Window Installation
  • Door and Window Repair
  • Window Repair and Replacement
  • Glass Fabrication
  • Custom Wood Working
  • Military Shadowboxes
  • Honey Uncapping Bucket



Entertainment Center

Sliding Doors Closed

Sliding Doors Open

Wooden Stairway



Office Glass Door

Frosted Glass Door

Frosted Glass Door

Glass Entrance

Glass Wall and Door

Office Partition Wall

Office Reception Partition





Sun Room Framing

Sun Room Roofing

Sun Room Finished

Patio Cover

Glass Wall

Patio Cabinet Doors


Bathroom Remodel

Heavy Shower Door

Master Bathroom Remodel

J Bar Mirror

Neo-Angle Heavy Shower Door

Stick Stall Shower Door

Bipass Shower Door

Door and Panel

Chrome Door and Panel

Door and Panel with Return

Door with Notched Panel and Return

Door with Notched Panel

Door with Notched Panel and Return

Door with Return

French Doors

Heavy Doors

Heavy Glide Door

Neo Angle Pivot Door


Single Door

Steam Door

Steam Door with Transom

Steam Door with Transom

Bathroom Remodel

Custom Shower


Single Glass Doorway

Triple Glass Doorway

Glass Garage Doors

Large Glass Skylight

Glass Storefront

Glass Storefront

Glass Storefront

Commercial Windows

Commercial Windows

Thermal Replacement Windows

Sneeze Guard

Glass Shelf

Serving Partition


Apartment Replacement Window

Custom Built Windows

Front Doors

Glass Block Replacement Window


Patio Doors

Residential Replacement Door

School Windows

Pella Replacement Windows


Cutlass Shadow Box

Gun Wall Display

Custom Walnut Table

Dutch Door Conversion

Walnut Corner Shelves

Reception Window

Tim in Iraq


Cooper Construction & Glass is owned and operated by Tim Cooper. Tim has been in the glass and construction industry for 40 years, most recently with E&T Glass. He’s earned an excellent reputation as a superior craftsman, with a strong work ethic, and honest business acumen.

Tim has proudly served the United States Navy for over 26 years as a Senior Chief in the Construction Battalion (CB) or affectionately known as the Seabees, who are known for being skilled tradesmen who can build anything. Cooper Construction & Glass excels at installing and repairing all types of residential and commercial glass and window systems as well as home repair and remodeling.


Throughout his 4o years of experience, Tim has become a master craftsman and carpenter. He’s able to design, fabricate and execute jobs of all types. No matter the size of the job, Tim is a perfectionist by nature and has the patience to ensure that he will complete any glass or construction job to his exacting standards, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Let’s face it, in today’s fast pace world, customer service is often overlooked. Tim’s philosophy is simple: Do the job right the first time for 100% satisfaction, no excuses. Honor and integrity are the cornerstones of Tim’s personal principles and he runs his business just the same. So, if you choose him to complete your job, no need to worry any further. He will do what he promises, when he promises.


Tim believes in getting a good value in his personal life, and that’s how he prices his jobs. His labor rates are highly competitive, especially considering his experience and attention to detail, and he’s committed to finding the highest quality products at the best prices. So call us today for a quote and you won’t be disappointed!

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Utilizing the highest quality materials:

Honey Uncapping Device

The wooden device clamps on top of the bucket. Set the honey frame on the spike sticking up out of the board. Next, cut the capping off the honey comb allowing the honey to be spun out in the centrifuge. The clear plastic pieces go on the bottom of the bucket. When the wax capping falls onto the plastic piece, the residual honey trapped in the capping will drip through holes in the plastic down below in the bucket.

*Doesn't include 5 Gallon Bucket with spigot, available at hardware stores.

Wood Stand Price: $19.95

Plastic Drain Price: $19.95


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